Last Christmas…..

Now that you can see Christmas trees popping up again everywhere, I cannot help getting that “how time flies” feeling and finding out that last Christmas wasn’t that long ago!!! Reason enough to recall an unforgettable event which took place during the pre – Christmas season 2016 and which rightfully deserves to be called the coziest of all fashion shows. But see for yourself……

Couture in Christmas Wonderland 

The coziest of all fashion shows in the dawning year 2016 happened on 16th December 2016 at the Paphos Smalltown Matrix, the Deloubak Espresso Cuisine.

The event was duly fortified with sparkling Angels showing their very own designed and manufactured outfits, much to the pride of their mentor, designer Liusiena Albertini who manages to create an on the spot balance of design and art.

Christmas Angels in self made designs mentored by Liusiena Albertini

Liusiena established her art and design atelier 3 years ago in Paphos Cyprus, teaching children in arts and how to create their very own outfits.

“The children are always eager and enthused to create” says Liusiena who has already completed 2 collections with the children this year.

Fashion lovers should watch this space in not more than 20 years for the new the league of Diors and Lagerfelds!

The Christmas Wonderland project was an emotional conclusion of a successful year filled with themed and corporate events starting with the Royal Heart Charity Event in February, Creation of the Boudicca Branding Image for the Cyprus Business Awards in April, A Bond Night to Remember in April, Elea Wine and Fashion Expo in May, Doty Designer Award in June, La Rentree Designers See Now Buy Now Showroom in October, George Keramidas Makeup Workshop in December and last but not least, Christmas Wonderland.

The organizers couldn’t resist the special request of 2 amazing Ladies and Couturiers, Lana Ivanova and Liusiena Albertini who were eager to encourage Fashionistas having a glimpse at the latest collections for the coming festive Summer Season 2017.

Ukraine born Lana Ivanova has settled with her own design workshop in Paphos and manufactures bespoke couture for a growing clientele with high demands in accuracy, uniqueness and perfection. Lana loves to work with precious materials like silk and pure new wool and she successfully cooperates with fabric designer Gabi Boehm / Sharifa Art who manufactures fabrics from natural materials hand printed and dyed with colors derived from natural sources like plants.


Lana Ivanova Design

On the Catwalk: the couturiers deliberately looked around the circle of family and friends to choose their models for Christmas Wonderland. “We prefer manifesting the impression that our creations are for people like you and me, for ladies of any age and who do not fit the strict proportions dictated by the fashion industry, and why should they anyway….. ??” says Lana with a cheeky smile.

Christmas Wonderland was made for the established and emerging front of fashion lovers, unspoiled ladies from the neighborhood whose dream is to walk a catwalk, no matter what!!

Accessory Designer Tatyana Antipova gave a finishing touch to the outfits with her crystal jewellery creations.

Special thanks to Make up Artist Kriszta Korosi  Hair Stylist Demetra Stylianou              Jazz Performer Victoria Nikolaeva

See Video of the show featuring all creations shown on the catwalk as well as Pictures of the event here below and once again: enjoy your Christmas time!!

Christmas Wonderland Youtube Video



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